About Us

Ray Techniques Ltd. is an Israeli company engaged in the fabrication of nanodiamonds and nanodiamond compounds by proprietary technology and in the development of novel nanodiamond applications.

The unique features of nanodiamonds have demonstrated unprecedented performance in various fields. Nanodiamond powder is a state-of-the-art material widely used in polishing compositions, coatings, lubricants and polymers. Currently nanodiamond powder is rapidly finding its way into biomedicine, Thermal Management in electronics, energy storage, field emission displays and other advanced applications.

Ray's technology for producing nanodiamonds is based on the laser treating of specially prepared targets containing carbon soot mixed within hydrocarbon media. In contrast to the traditional technology of nanodiamond synthesis by detonation of explosives in metal reactors, Ray's method is controllable, environment-friendly and non-hazardous. Ray-nanodiamonds are of much higher purity than detonation nanodiamonds available today in the market. Industrial manufacturing of nanodiamonds by Ray technology will lead to significant reducing the cost, better results in most existing applications, rapid enhancing of Global Nanodiamond Powder Market and appearance of new nanodiamond applications where the purity of powder is of special importance.

In addition, the company has developed new approach in the design novel nanodiamond composite materials with desired properties. This technology is based on special nanodiamond surface modification, full disaggregation and covalent bonding between diamond nanocrystals and molecules of chosen material. Uniform introducing nanodiamonds within the medium results in increase of nanodiamond performance in each compound and in the possibility to reduce nanodiamond content and the cost of the composite material. Due to this innovative approach, the company has developed low cost and highly efficient nanodiamond based products for various technological processes.