Current nanodiamond applications:

  • Lapping and polishing compositions (abrasives in pastes, gels, slurries for obtaining low-roughness surfaces)
  • Lubricants (oils and greases for engines, machine tools, gun barrels, friction pairs for wear-reducing and prolonging the shelf life of mechanisms)
  • Galvanic electrolytes (additives for improving the quality of coatings)
  • Polymers (additives for improving material characteristics)
  • Proteins (adsorbent for separation and purification)
  • Cosmetic products (additive for amplification of biological active agents and UV protection)
  • Explosives and solid propellants

Prospective nanodiamond applications:

  • Drug and gene delivery carrier
  • Biosensors
  • Advanced composites
  • Optical windows and filters
  • Optically transparent protective coatings
  • Photovoltaic cells
  • Heat spreaders for high-power laser diods
  • Substrates for multy-chip moduls
  • Field emission displays
  • Solar-blind UV and particles detectors
  • Quantum computers