Nanodiamonds are the state-of-the-art material rapidly finding its way into bio-technologies due to the unique combination of properties:

  • Non-cytotoxicity
  • Biocompatibility
  • Chemical stability
  • Tiny size and ability to control the constancy of the nano-size and the shape of agglutinates
  • Large specific surface area and high adsorption potential
  • Presence of surface functional groups and ability to interact with bio- molecules
  • Outstanding photoluminescence

These properties make nanodiamonds highly efficient for various biomedical applications,including drug and genedelivery, protein separation and purification, bio-sensing and single particle imaging in cells.

Ray nanodiamonds, in comparison with nanodiamonds obtained by conventional detonation technology, have
significant advantages for all biological applications:

  • Ray nanodiamonds are purer and is 100% metal and graphite free
  • Ray nanodiamond primary particles have lower size distribution
  • The surface morphology of Ray nanodiamonds primary particles is more homogeneous
  • Ray nanodiamonds have higher photoluminescence
  • Ray nanodiamonds have higher non-cytotoxicity than the best detonation nanodiamonds

Drug & gene delivery

Nanodiamonds can serve as a highly versatile platform for controlled functionalization and delivery of a wide spectrum of therapeutic drugs and genes.

  • Nanodiamonds can be easily suspended in water
  • Nanodiamond agglutinates can acquire shape and size required in drug delivery
  • Nanodiamonds are non-invasive towards cells, biocompatible and does not cause inflammation
  • Nanodiamonds can be combined with a wide variety of drugs and RNA
  • Nanodiamonds can be produced in large quantities

Protein separation & purification

Protein separation and purification using nanodiamonds is rapid, simple and efficient.

Available applications

By using nanodiamonds recombinant apoobelin and recombinant luciferase are separated from bacterial cells of Escherichia coli.

Advantages of using nanodiamonds for protein separation

  • Nanodiamonds simplify the protein purification procedures
  • Nanodiamonds decrease protein separation time down to 30–40 min
  • Nanodiamonds liminate the necessity of using special chromatographic equipment
  • Nanodiamonds enable the preparing high-purity apoobelin and luciferase materials with protein yields of 35–45 and 45–60% respectively


Single-particle imaging