Ray Techniques Ltd. is an Israeli company established in 2009 and engaged in the fabrication nanodiamonds and nanodiamond compounds by proprietary technology and in the development of novel nanodiamond applications.

Ray’s goal is to provide consumers with nanodiamond additives of the best quality. In contrast to untreated nanodiamonds, our additives can be simply mixed with some basic materials and form composites with disaggregated and uniformly distributed nanoparticles. This approach provides considerable improvement of functional properties of wide range of materials enhancing their reliability and durability.

The company takes part in international and domestic research programs aimed at the application of nanodiamonds in medicine, electronics and energy.

Recent achievements in nanodiamond research, advantages of Ray’s technology and the proposed approach for producing easy for use nanodiamond additives instead of agglomerated nanodiamond powders will enable the implementation of nanodiamonds in industry and rapid growth of the Global Nanodiamond Market.