Open positions:

1. Product Manager: nanodiamond additives to coatings
RAY is looking for a rising sales of nanodiamond additives to electrolytes for galvanic coatings, anodizing and electroless deposition. The position includes the following:

  • - Establishing contacts with large potential customers and presentation of RAY technology and their benefits from the application of nanodiamond additives in their coating processes;
  • - Cooperation with relevant research groups in academy and private sectors in the development of new products / processes in the field of coatings with nanodiamond additives;
  • - Patent strategy in the field of nanodiamond additives to coating processes;
  • - Participation in conferences and publications in professional literature;
  • - Marketing strategy and sales in Israel and abroad;

The Ideal Candidate will be
  • - Professional in electroplating processes, having Master’s or PhD degree in the field;
  • - Willing to travel in Israel and abroad;
  • - An excellent communicator (verbal and written), including interpersonal, negotiation and conflict resolution skills;
  • - Self-motivated and directed person, requiring minimal supervision for successful assignment completion;
  • - Excellent project manager with the ability to manage multiple projects and tasks simultaneously, keeping projects on-track and on budget;
  • - Experienced with marketing programs and event management experience;
  • - A real team player, willing to do everything to drive the business.

2. Product Manager: nanodiamond additives to polymers

3. Product Manager: nanodiamond abrasives for fine polishing