Cosmetic Products

"Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend..."

Nanodiamonds are becoming everybody's best friend!

Owing to unique adsorption capabilities of nanodiamonds, their addition to skincare products enhances the effect of biologically active ingredients and facilitates their penetration into deeper skin layers. Nanodiamonds make all biologically-active additives "work" at their maximum efficiency.
Also, due to their unique optical properties, nanodiamonds are an excellent agent for skin protecting from harmful UV radiation.
The nanodiamond surface functional groups form powerful bonding with water molecules to provide an all-day-long moisturizing effect and to protect the skin from aging. At the same time, nanodiamond-base creams are fully and rapidly absorbed by the skin.

Ray nanodiamonds for cosmetic applications:

Ray nanodiamonds produced by novel green technology of laser nanodiamond synthesis, in comparison with detonation nanodiamonds, have significant advantages for all biological applications including cosmetic products.

  • Ray nanodiamonds are purer and is 100% metal- and graphite-free
  • Ray nanodiamond primary particles have lower size distribution
  • The surface chemistry of Ray nanodiamond primary particles is more homogeneous
  • The Ray nanodiamonds non-cytotoxicity is higher