For R&D Partners


RAY is looking for partners in industrial and academic sectors for the development novel nanodiamond applications, such as
  • - Efficient nanodiamond-based catalysts
  • - Fluorescent inks for securities protection
  • - Nanodiamond contrast agents for bio-imaging
  • - Thermal conductive insulating inks for printing electronics
  • - Nanodiamond-polymer coatings with high Refractive Index
  • - Efficient nanodiamond antireflection coating for solar cells
  • - Insulating nanodiamond ceramics with high thermal conductivity (> 200 W/mK)
  • - Hall Effect Thrusters with improved performance and enhanced service life
  • - Any nanodiamond composite materials with improved properties
RAY contribution in joint R&D project will be to provide nanodiamonds, to develop nanodiamond surface modification specific for a chosen application and to develop final formulation of nanodiamond additive for industrial processing.