Nanodiamond Testing



HRTEM image

Average grain size: 4.3 nm

High homogeneity

High surface activity (high agglutination)

XRD Spectrum

03-065-0537 Diamond,
syn CFWHM(30): 1.59 °C
rystallite Size (Scherrer): 43.4 A
I/Icor: 1.1
System: Cubic
Space group: Fd-3m (227)
Cell param.: Initial Final
A: 3.56691 3.56775

Raman spectra

Excitation 488 nm, power 1mW (Witec)

EPR spectra

Comparing with detonation nanodiamonds, nanodiamonds produced by laser synthesis (RayND) demonstrate enhanced paramagnetism, increased amount of RPC and stronger anti-ferromagnetic exchange interaction between these RPC.

Thermo-gravimetric analysis


The change of mass in the process of burning. RayND (left) are more homogeneous both geometrically and chemically, than detonation nanodiamonds of high quality (right).